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Econo Petroleum, a dedicated and nimble commercial account supplier

For more than 15 years, Econo has been supplying commercial fuel accounts of every size. With access to terminals all across Canada, a fleet of our own trucks and strong partnerships with the most customer centric haulers, Econo will ensure the highest possible service level – on time, safety first.

  • No account too large or too small. We have tanks and trucks to suit your needs.
  • Econo cardlock type fuel management system available for higher volume customers that need to manage their fuel purchases*
  • Automatic delivery schedule set up available; no need to check tanks or call in for deliveries
  • Tank monitor systems allow for no run outs for customers that do not have rateable volumes
  • No cost to customer for in yard equipment
  • “Our values and Our people” - Our team does not sign up a customer then abandon them, we keep in touch and ensure service levels and expectations are being met
  • We provide daily pricing to our customer prior to delivery so they understand what they are paying for fuel
  • All fuel sold is from a major Canadian refiner

* For customers that have adequate annual volume